moroccan hammam

The luxurious and traditional Moroccan Hammam spa Royal

What is a Moroccan Hamman? Have you ever heard about the Moroccan Hammam?  Have you thought of trying The Moroccan Hammam at least once in your lifetime? Well, It is a complicated word to be pronounced by non-Arabs; since it contains difficult words. The Moroccan Hammam is a very old culture that exists in North Africa, and also in Turkey. This …

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Why You Must Spending 24 hours of your Travel Time to visit Fez Morocco

Have you ever visit Fez Morocco? A visit to Fez Morocco is a must due to the fact; it is one of the amazing ancient cities in Africa. Fez has many archaeological landmarks that show its civilization through the Islamic and Jewish ages. The important remains of these monuments are the eight gates; that was built …

history of Fez Morocco

Exploring together the stunning history of Fez Morocco

Where is Fez Morocco? Before moving to the history of Fez Morocco, we would love to introduce the location of this amazing city first. The city of Fez is located in the north-east of the Kingdom of Morocco; it is called in the city of kings, the second largest city of Morocco, was founded in 182 by …


Amazing things people should know about Fez City

Fez City owns many wonderful places and spots to be visited, it is a melting pot of different languages, races, religions, and cultures  . its a place in which the Jewish Legacy meets the Islamic and the Moorish culture to give unique and exclusive buildings and architectures.

fez excursions

Fez Guide Excursions from Fez City

is a part of Fez Guide agency which is an agency that organizes trips to make it easier for the travelers that are interested in coming to Morocco, fez guide helps them achieving their wishes with less time and money. In fez guide excursions the customers will have multiple choices, they can pick which trip is going …

fez guide morocco sahara desert

Morocco Sahara desert

Morocco Sahara desert is an organized Trip from Fez towards Desert; it will give you the opportunity to discover the amazing of Moroccan Sahara; such as the architecture of the Kasbah in Ouarzazate, the atlas studio movie. In Morocco Sahara Desert you will also visit the Berber villages that have such amazing coherence and lineage.

Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco as one of the greatest countries in the world

Morocco Is the Bride of Africa because of its strategic position. People who visit the wonderful country believe it is an amazing place to visit, due to its charming beauty.Tourism in Morocco is increasing in this last years because of safety, weather and many others.

morocco tours - sahara camel trikking

The most incredible Morocco Tours and Trips

Fez Guide promises to give you the best Morocco Tours and Trips you have ever seen in your life, in terms of dealing, safety, security, and organization. It will help you in discovering new places, culture, tradition, customs, architecture, values, and Attitudes.


Top amazing activities with Morocco Family Tour

Morocco Family Tour includes bringing your entire family; for a very well organized tour in Morocco to enjoy its beauty and culture. This kind of tours is exclusive only for families, Our tour is always one of the best choices; because it makes you live a very great adventure with your family instead of being alone …

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The shop (souk) Morocco

Discovering the spell of the Moroccan shopping

Moroccan shopping is so important , because most of visitors like buying souvenirs to have them their homelands. Moroccan shopping is one of the amazing thing the visitor can do while being in here.

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