2 Days 1 Night from Casablanca to Fez City


Day trip to Fez from Casablanca

One of the attractive trips that tourists love to experience is “ Two days/1 Night Trip from Casablanca to Fez” that’s why Fez Guide organizes such trips depending on its clients’ needs, budget & timeframe as well.
The first Day of our Trip from Casablanca to Fez, Our French/English speaking Guide-Driver will pick you up at your hotel/Riad in Casablanca towards the imperial city of Fez but before, we’ll lead you to see some beautiful landmarks and preserved sites in Casablanca & Rabat.
We’ll begin with the beautiful sight of Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca City before proceeding to the Moroccan capital, Rabat. Then we’ll guide you to see & explore the historical and archaeological sites such as Hassan Tower, Kasbah of the Udayas, a mausoleum, and the ancient ruins of Chellah – a medieval fortified Muslim necropolis located in the metro area of Rabat-.
Next, Through “Our Casablanca to Fez Tour” we’ll take the way towards Volubilis; an ancient Roman ruins & one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites located nearby Meknes city. The city goes back to thousands of years ago and it’s known by the several stunning mosaic columns as well as it gathers various arched doors. You’ll absolutely love to stay there for its serenity & calmness but we’ll have to continue our way towards Fez city where we’ll spend the night, preparing ourselves for another adventurous day in the imperial city of Fez.

In the morning of our second day of “Two Days One Night from Casablanca to Fez Tour”, we’ll have the chance to discover Fez city. We’re going to start by the ancient historical monuments in the Old Medina like: Al Quaraouin – the
oldest University in Morocco – , Nejjarin Museum, Jewish Quarter, the Oldest &amp largest 3 Tanneries… etc. visiting Fez city’s oldest stunning monuments is a must & an interesting opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Across tow days and one  night form Casablanca to Fez you will  have chance to investigate the gorgeous Fez city with all its fascinating sides starting by the medieval Medina “9th  century “ where you will find the most ancient and wonderful monuments that every visitor to morocco should visit the at least once in his life time , its gather historical building , museums, old mosque , narrow street such as University al Qarraouin , Najjarin museum , Bab Boujloud, Jewish quarter , the oldest  Fez tannery in Africa  and so many other amusing place that lets you feel like you are in story of thousand and one night .

  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle);
  • Pick up from Hotel/Riad, Train station, Air port;
  • Drop off point; Hotel/Riad, Train station, Air port;
  • English/ French Professional speaking driver.
  • Visit important monuments
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