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Exploring Moorish Architecture In Morocco
 Moorish is the mix of  Arab, Spanish, and Amazigh (Berber) origins. Therefore, its created an Arab   Andalusian civilization.
This interacts between nations and the mix of cultures are the main reason for originated a rich Moorish culture.

Berber was the primary Moorish invaders and the north was the most area where they populate. So, the traditions and culture of Amazigh is a reflection of the Moorish culture in Morocco. At the very heart of Morocco, lies the enduring culture of the indigenous Amazigh (Berber).
Different tribes of Berbers inhabit different regions in Morocco. In the north there is the Riffian Berbers speak a dialect called Tarifit. In the Middle Atlas, who spread from Fes in the north to Marrakesh in the south. Moreover, Their dialect is Tamazight and in the southern Atlas. In the Anti Atlas Mountains are home to the Tashalhit.
Every tribe has its cultural practices and unique features that set it apart. Berber women knew of the practice the rug weaving which is one of the most visible ways for tourists to see. Hence, Every tribe has a different style, and no two rugs are alike.
The music of the Berbers considered a part of the Amazigh or Moorish culture. as well as it is an ancient tradition, long predating the arrival of the Arabs in Morocco and has been passed on orally from generation to generation. Also, there are three varieties of Berber folk music: village, ritual music and the music performed by professional musicians.
    Visiting Morocco and traveling around these areas, it will be a chance to discover the Berber or the Moorish culture. is truly something special, that every traveler should experience.
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