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While visiting Fez , the cultural and the spiritual capital of Morocco, you will certainly need a private tour guide and a fez guide team who will help you discover the treasures of this beautiful city.for instance, just the old Medina has more than 9400 street. The importance of your guide is to provide assistance and especially information about the history, the culture, and contemporary heritage of the city.In a country which is known by its rich diversity a native guide is required to bridge the gap by explaining and interpreting the local culture in the language that you speak.Your private guide, Abdelali EL Faddoul, will save you a lot of time and can help you make the most of your fez trip, you can ask him all the questions that you have in mind and you will have a more personal experience as you will not be part of a large group. This is extremely beneficial as you do not need to wait for others.This might be difficult with mass tourism (group of 40 persons or more), especially for pee breaks and other delays. Also, with your private guide Abdelali EL Faddoul, whether you are alone or in a small group of friends you can decide visiting hours and make your own schedule, pause for a morning or a day, this is valuable for those who want to experience the real Morocco or who are enjoying their golden years.In summary, the EL Faddoul Abdelali private tour guide & fez guide team will make your visit a special and a unforgettable one. we will cover every little aspect of your trip, wheather it was informations like the origin historical and religious sites, museums, or activities like significant interest. our guide will also help you to pick the best hotels and restaurants.Based on years and years of experience, fez guide team & guide know how to take good care of you, on your morocco holidays.