Amazing things people should know about fez morocco,wonderful places and spots  are rich of history and good art work , which make the city worth to be visited, it is a melting pot of different languages, races, religions, and cultures  . its a place in which the Jewish Legacy meets the Islamic and the Moorish culture to give unique and exclusive buildings and architectures.

What are The Amazing Things People Should Know About Fez Morocco, Landmarks and Monuments ?

Al Quaraouiyine Mosque :

have you ever heard about Al Quaraouiyine?

One of  the Amazing Things People Should Know About Fez City, The mosque named depending on the city in which  Fatima al-Fahri was born. she dedicated all of her heritage in order to build this mosque. The mosque took all most 7 years for building(859 AD). After the construction of the mosque, the scientists created lectures and conferences in it, because of the attention and the care provided by the rulers, Fez has become a scientific center competing with renowned scientific centers from all over the world such as Cordoba and Baghdad. Al-Qarouine Mosque guarantees a library; one of the oldest libraries in the world. This amazing mosque become one of the most outstanding landmarks that visitors from all over the world come to explore and visite

the mosque of andalusia

Do you know al Andalus Mosque? well, it is one of the oldest mosques in Morocco;Iconic Fez City attractions the building of this mosque dates back to the Idrisid state. Maryam al-Fahri (the sister of Fatimah al-Faherih) was the one who devotes her money to build the mosque in 860 close to a collection of historical monuments, that gives it more attention. the Mosque has a very attractive design that makes it look unique and amazing.

Attarine School or Medersa Of Attarine :

This school located north of Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez, it is one of the oldest schools in Fez, it has an amazing architecture that goes back to the Marinite .the school characterized by exquisite decorations and beautiful, which made it a rare architectural masterpiece exist. It was in 123 AD and built by Sultan Abu Said Osman. In addition, it is surrounded by halls designed to receive students and teachers.

The open patio includes all the techniques that Moroccan artists relied upon when decorating dishes; where they relied on mosaics, stone, wood and various other materials in decoration and decoration which make it one of the Amazing Things People Should Know About Fez City .

Chouara Tannery: a historical landmark and Arab treasure :

the skin of Cow, goat, sheep and camel bites pass through the Chouara Tannery with a number of important stages that take days, sometimes months. After leaving the skin for two or three days in water and salt, coated with lime and left to dry under the sun for at least 3 days, this phase will facilitate the separation of wool from the skin. placed in a basin full of pigeon, lime and water for about a month. In the final stage, these skins are removed, cleaned and then soaked in tanning and dyeing ponds in natural colors. While being in this Tannery the person will be able the witness all the process from A to Z.

Nejjarine Museum of Arts and Crafts in Fez City :

The most impressive wood museum in Fez City is one of the best tourist spots in Fez, housed in a beautifully renovated residence. In the past, it was mainly for

Merchants to store and sell their goods in it and stay on the top floor.

The museum has rooms on the patio, and rooms offer traditional art pieces for craftsmen, Berber locks and musical instruments. There is a rooftop café with great views of the city.

Marinid Tombs :

Ruins Located on the top of hills in Fez Medina;  it is an amazing place that people from all over the world come to visit, due to the fact it gives them the chance and the access to see the beautiful Fes from its strategic location. people can go with their kids, to see this amazing sights. It is the right spot to take many amazing pictures of Fez Medina from there.

Souk Seffarine or Seffarine Square :

The Place Seffarine is located near to al-Qarawiyin Library, one of the most traditional places in Fez, Morocco. While being there; the visitors will hear the sound of the copper beaten by the man. It is a very hard process since it requires power and skills. It is an old job that is inherited from one generation to another. it is great if you buy things such as; pixie pans, bowls, copper tagines, and teapots to make a really good tea with mint.

Batha House Museum

This museum; built by the orders of Moulay Abdul Aziz in 1897 and was converted in 1915 into a regional museum of arts and customs. The museum in the past was a hotel or place to accommodate guests from all over the world.The Batha Museum houses; a wide range of exhibits, including artifacts, handicrafts, etc.. A place frequented by many middle age art lovers who come from all over the world to learn about Moroccan heritage in Fez.

Bab Boujloud

Bab Boujloud;  is one of the most famous doors in the wall surrounding the ancient city of Fez.  located on the northwestern side of the city. Considered by many to be the main entrance to the city of Fez. Moreover, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Fez

Fez City is one of the incredible cities in Morocco; and there is alot of Amazing Things People Should Know About Fez City, An ancient legendary  city that really worth a personal visit. rich with great legacies and history; attractions that makes people go back to the medieval ages to discover the amazing architectures and buildings. Near to Bab Boujloud, there is an amazing square that attracts people since its so amazing.check out our bookable fes tours & activities .

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