Traditional Moroccan Food

Traditional Moroccan food


Fez Cooking class tour will let you experience Traditional Moroccan food, and traditional culinary art, do shopping to buy the necessary ingredients and local spices. Then, Cook famous Moroccan food and bake Moroccan bread, and finally, you’ll get to enjoy the food you made. It is a new adorable experience in which you shall have fun and learn more about the Moroccan cuisine will really.Our driver will pick you from your hotel to enjoy a wonderful adventure in Fez medina and discover Fes Sook.


  • Extend your culinary Knowledge in our magnificent and fun-filled Fez cooking class. And also integrate in the Moroccan family to understand and feel how Moroccan live and react.
  • Get Private and exclusive tips from our knowledgeable Chef, and get engaged and harmonize with her family while cooking in a wonderful cozy atmosphere.
  • Discover Fez cooking class trial of the Moroccan food which is top popular cuisine in the world and also get to know the Moroccan ingredients, spices, herbs and the essential oils used in Moroccan dishes.
  • Going to the local markets and pick the necessary ingredients and the spices from sellers in order to start your amazing adventure in fez cooking class.
  • Carrying the ingredients to the Moroccan kitchen, where you are going to make your own with the help of Master Chefs. We suggest Moroccan dishes like Couscous,
  • Hand Baking the Moroccan bread (khobz), it is so delicious and fluffy, which is always escorted with the meal.
  • Preparing a delicious traditional Moroccan salad that helps the digestive system.
  • Preparing & enjoying Moroccan tea with mint that most of people want to know its secret
  • Experiencing the traditional Moroccan table manners and enjoying the delicious plate you have made.

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