Morocco Sahara desert is an organized Trip from Fez towards Desert, it will give you the opportunity to discover the amazing of Moroccan Sahara; such as the architecture of the Kasbah in Ouarzazate, the atlas studio movie. In Morocco Sahara Desert you will also visit the Berber villages that have such amazing coherence and lineage.

Best Place in Morocco Sahara Desert

During Fes Desert Trip you will visit also experience Merzouga Camel trekking; that sounds really amazing to experience. also, explore the unique nature of the Gorge Todra; a place that will fascinate you with its calm and beauty.

Fez Guide promises to do the best to make Morocco Sahara desert trip safe, lovely and comfortable .you will have the most enjoyable experience because you will visit so many wonderful places and cities.

Fez Guide organized many trips to Morocco Sahara Desert, it offers guided journeys to Sahara,  depending on your time, needs and money.

By organizing the Morocco Sahara desert, we want to share with our consumers the Moroccan culture, diversity, and traditions. In this trip, you will be able to know more about the living in the Sahara, where they live, what they wear and how they react and deal with the foreigners. Moreover, you will discover the Moroccan meals, spices, and Tea.

Merzouga :

During this trip, we will visit Merzouga a very lovely city, it is  In the south-eastern part of Morocco, the city of Marzouka known as the “Sand Sea” and the “Moroccan Desert Dora”,

Merzouga is130 kilometers from the city of Rashidiya, which has wide sandy areas for visitors to see and enjoy.

The Merzouga dunes extending 22 kilometers and 5 kilometers offer an opportunity to reflect on the changing colors of the sand according to the changing light of the day, especially at the top of the highest dunes in Morocco.

Most of Merzouga visitors find simplicity and peace far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life, because of the traditional music played by the citizens, hospitality and other things inherited from their ancestors.

ouarzazate :

During This trip we will visit also Ouarzazate, Which is one of the largest cinematographic studios, oases, and towns such as Kasbat Taourirt known as the historic building of Ouarzazate, It is a national heritage of Morocco. There is also Ait Ben Haddou Palace, which a part of the global human heritage in 1987.

Ouarzazate is also a leading destination for the major filmmakers, which hosted successful films in the history of international cinema; such as Gladiator, Babel, Lawrence Of Arabia, Prince Of Persia, and the list.

Morocco Sahara desert characterized by its nature as a spot of tourism and exploration, Tourists flock to the village asking for the healing of various diseases and not only for tourismthis latter means the situation in person; is completely immersed in the sand except for his head which is covered with a large, circular hat famous as “Terrazza”.

While you are in Morocco Sahara Desert the grains of sand that mix with the air force you to put a grouper on your face; so that you will not be disturbed by the sandstorms that will surprise you from time to time.

Fez Guide would love you to join its organized trips; because you will love them as well as you will enjoy your time at the maximum. You will know many people from all over the world, and also you will make new connections with them.


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