What is a Moroccan Hamman?

Have you ever heard about the Moroccan Hammam?  Have you thought of trying The Moroccan Hammam at least once in your lifetime?

Well, It is a complicated word to be pronounced by non-Arabs; since it contains difficult words. The Moroccan Hammam is a very old culture that exists in North Africa, and also in Turkey. This latter means the full exfoliation of the entire body using healthy products in a warm place. They can be found everywhere where in Morocco; mostly in popular places.

Steps for having a luxurious Moroccan Hammam

The  Moroccan Hammam is a culture in Morocco for hundreds of years;  characterized by cleaning and peeling the skin. It usually begins with pouring warm water over your body to make it wet. Then put the Moroccan soap on your entire body to enhance the exfoliation later. After you go the very hot place and relax for almost 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

After that, the exfoliation starts with the Moroccan exfoliating glove; it is a medium harsh rug that helps to get rid of dead skins. Then the step of cleaning the hair comes using just natural products like Ghassoul, and Rosemary masque that gives a beautiful smell to the hair. After taking care of the hair and body. Here comes the tie for the face; with natural products like Moroccan Mud Lotion, It contains minerals useful for skin such as; magnesium, potassium, calcium, it is used to moisturize,  as a mask of the face. Then cleaning the entire body with Natural lotions with the lavender.

The benefits of Moroccan Hammam

  • Remove dead skin cells from the body.
  • Removing excess water from the body.
  • Dispose of accumulated fat in the body
  • Calm nerves reduce the intensity stress
  • Maintaining the smoothness of the skin.
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Enhance the production of collagen.

Characteristics of natural cosmetics products:

There are many characteristics of the Moroccan Hammam;  including black Moroccan soap;  it is a rich soap with vitamins. this soap extracted from olive oil
besides other natural ingredients it really deeply cleanses the skin and reduces signs of aging.

Argan oil:  the gold of Morocco,  harvested from the tree argan that grows in the southwestern region of Morocco, considered a rare and high-quality oil; as well as it contains antioxidants and fatty acids, enriched with vitamin E, which has the ability to promote intracellular oxygen, The body against diseases. It is easy to use all over the body to moisture it.

Marrakesh oil : which is one of the most used oil in Haammam; it is extracted from differents oils that exists in the Moroccan shops . Magical oils that helps getting rid of black heads , age stretch ,  and many other usages .

the exfoliating gloves: little harsh rug which helps to effectively peel the skin and remove dead skin.

Hence, The Moroccan Hammam is really magical and amazing for reducing fatigue, stress, dead cells. Moreover, it is a matching place to discover and explore the Moroccan culture and attitudes