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Fez Guide – Fes Cooking Class

The Moroccan cuisine if full of exotic flavors, and savory combinations!.

The Moroccan traditional plates are famous on a large scale, inside and outside the country. Among them, we mention the Moroccan Couscous, and Tagine, Those two have won the admiration of the world’s top chefs. Our moroccan Cooking Classes puts at your service; a well-equipped kitchen in a traditional Moroccan house. for a 100% Typical Moroccan Cooking Experience. Additionally; In our Cooking Classes, we also give you access to the old traditional recipes that’s been passed over from mother to daughter over centuries; with the secrets to the tastiest food in the world. Therefore;  Fez Cooking Class chef, in order to improve your knowledge, shall teach you how to use spices, since they have an essential role in Moroccan cuisines, to create a range of unique tastes that suit each plate. Moroccan cuisine seems to have an endless number of dishes and pastry delights. Though they are all made in different ways however, they have one thing in common, They are all delicious & tasty.

FEZ GUIDE ‘s cooking class program , contains some affordable bookable classes with a market tour in the souk of fes city , with the chef , beside a tasting session after the class, our team thought of all trough , from your transporation to the slicest detail , we ‘ve got it all covered. granting you a fun informative  culinary experience . full of moroccan smells and flavors .

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