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Fes photography tours day trip is a pleasant adventure to remember, leading you through the narrow streets and shops of the Old fascinating Medina.
This charming area of Fes is full of historical feeling from charming cravings and architecture, to amazing numerous.

through Fes photography tours you will explore The old Medina and its worth-capturing places, because it was a point where several cultures met, such as the Muslim culture, Moorish culture, Andalous culture, as well as Otman culture and many others.

During our Fes photography tours

you will have the chance to see many wonderful sights, by visiting famous monuments or just walking by empty streets or shops.

Fez guide;  would like to suggest some places that you could take breathtaking pictures of with Fes photography tours, for example?  you can visit the old Madina with the traditional architecture which conveys the sense of the great history of the city. For example; The University of Al-Qarawiyyin; this ancient monument is special with the wood carvings, as well as gypsum carving that is well known in the Moroccan culture. Usually made to decorate the ceiling, not to forget the beauty of the Moroccan traditional tiles with different colors for decorating the floor and the fountain.
In addition to the Nejjarine Museum; This mind-blowing place is full of wood Art that will definitely amaze you.

Fes photography tours; propose as well as other places like Medersa; El BouInania, Bab Boujloud, Souk el-Attarine etc… you should visit is The Chouara Tannery; where the leather went through processes to be the most high-quality piece of craft. You go to the shop’s roofs for a better view of the amazing pots where there are different colors.

With overwhelming views through Fes photography tours, our photographer will capture the best moments of your journey; this journey will take you to the past history of Fez. Yet the views are not exclusive only in the Old Medina, but also outside with enchanting gardens and Ramparts.

Finally, these are the most noteworthy places for memorable pictures, for your blog, diaries, or album through Fes photography tours.

Fes guides welcome you to join one of a kind experience in order to capture the sightseeings of Fes the Old Medina through our offered Fes photography tours, in order to have a memorable adventure in Morocco.