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Free pick up at 9:30 AM, from your accommodation into the center of the old medina.

Fes cooking class takes you on a cheerful Moroccan typical experience, to learn the secrets of the Moroccan traditional Drinks And Beverages.

Get out of the ordinary; learn in order to impress your friends back home with your new skills. Shop ingredients and spices from the souk, discover the culinary techniques, then, make your own Moroccan beverages and drinks and enjoy it.


  • Meet The Professional Chef Ouliya
  • Enjoy a Moroccan Treat with Mint Tea and some Pastry Delights.
  • Discus the Moroccan Culture of Drinks and Beverages.
  • Go shopping your ingredients with the Chef from a Local Market.
  • Go back to the riad where your fes cooking class shall begin
  • Prepare yourself and space, where you’re going to start the cooking class
  • Start making home-made hot or fresh Moroccan drinks and beverages!
  • Enjoy the tasting of the delicious Moroccan mint Tea and the Moroccan drinks you made
  • Take pictures and converse with the friendly local family and the chef.

Moroccan Traditional Drinks And Beverages

While being in Morocco, part of your trip highlights should be tasting moroccan traditional Drinks And Beverages.

There are countless kinds of Moroccan drinks and juices; hot or fresh. Either fruity drink with milk or hot mint tea and herbal beverages.

Our Fes Cooking class is your perfect occasion to learn and make delicious Moroccan drinks by yourself.

With professional Chef Ouliya, who will help you shop and prepare several Moroccan traditional drinks.

At first, we’re going to take you to meet the local Moroccan chef Ouliya and her family. Enjoy a Moroccan treat, the mint tea, and the Moroccan pastry delights. Then, the chef is going to tell you more about the Moroccan drinks; so you get to choose your favorite drink recipe, which you wanna go shop for, and start preparing.


Following to that, comes the shopping from the local market, where all the fresh raw ingredients can be found, from herbs to spices, vegetables, and fruits.


let’s talk about hot Moroccan traditional Drinks And Beverages the famous Moroccan tea mint, basically, green tea, boiled with fresh mint and flavored with lots of sugar. The locals drink it so often with all meals, and serve it as a hospitality treat for guests, in an ornate silver teapot with a matching set of small beautiful glasses and a special manner of pouring it. The higher they hold the teapot, the better the tea foam gets.

The herbals Tea! a mixture of sweet spices like Verbenas, Saffron, Anise, ginger, camomille, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other herbs, that help boosting your immune system and improving your sleep.

Another choice is fruit thick juice the known as a smoothie, based on orange or milk.


Most of The Moroccan juices are a delicious combo between fruits and vegetables.one of the best and most unique things in the Moroccan kitchen.

For example, the carrot juice, where you blend carrot in a mixer with orange juice and a bit of white sugar. You can add another fruit if you like.

Also, there are the avocado juices, you blend avocado with milk, for a thick and sweet juice.

In addition to that, there is also the dried fruits juice, made of dates and almonds peanuts and chocolate which is additional


Moreover, the traditional refreshing Raib, it is a sugary, thick drink made of fermented or coagulated fresh raw cow. Served as natural raib with or without sugar.

L’ben, it is Thick and creamy variation of milk. It tastes perfect with couscous. It is a bit similar to ribbed. Mint tea or “Moroccan whiskey” is a delicious mix of tea, mint and tons of sugar. It is so refreshing. Tastes awesome with every dish, especially with morning msmen or tajine kofta… There are many and many kinds of Moroccan traditional drinks, either milk based or orange based.

At the raid’s kitchen with the Chef, you shall use your bare hands to wash cut the ingredients, and prepare your own drinks & beverages, following our Chef’s steps and instructions. Your menu varies depending on the season and the fresh ingredients available in the market.

Eventually, you’ll have time to enjoy your moroccan traditional Drinks And Beverages with the local family and friendly cozy ambiance, and take pictures with them in the riad to document these incredible moments.

The Class Fees Include:

  • Driver &Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)
  • Pick up & drop off of hotel/riad
  • Local Souk-Market Visits
  • Ingredients
  • Learning session
  • Lunch
  • Local Master-chef

Excluded Fees

  • Professional Guide
  • Entrance fees to historical sites.

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