is a part of Fez Guide agency which is an agency that organizes trips to make it easier for the travelers that are interested in coming to Morocco, fez guide helps them achieving their wishes with less time and money.

In fez guide excursions the customers will have multiple choices, they can pick which trip is going to be suitable for them depending on their schedule and money as well.

In addition to what we have mentioned, fez guide excursions announce many enjoyable and exciting destinations for travelers throughout the entire year.

In our agency, we have trips towards many cities such as:

Marrakech, Meknes, Rabat, Atlas Mountain and Chefchaouen all the amazing cities that you may hear about while trying to know more about Morocco.

we have a has-qualified professional guide, called Abdelali El Faddoul (Ali), he will Guide you and offer you all the relevant information about the place you want to visit while you are in Morocco. As well as he will provide you with the interpreting of the cultural and natural heritage of Fez legacy due to the fact that he studied a lot about the culture in Morocco and the interaction within its members.


Abdelali EL Faddoul; will explain to you everything concerning the culture of Fez and the nearby. As well as the way of life of its citizens at both levels, the cultural and the natural heritage. Abdelali; will give you more information about Fez in case you choose Tours that are related to Fez only. If you choose trips from Fez, then your knowledge will be richer of information about many parts of Morocco.

fez guide excursions Provide you with the greatest options;  driver from your location, transportation, promotions, and a  well-known guide with the budget. Book your favorite excursion to join our amazing and adventurous trips, tours and excursions.