Fez market Morocco is one of the essential places for Locals and visitors as well. It is the place where you can find everything you need and want while being in Fez. It is often closed in Friday; since the Fassi people still keeping their old cultures and attitudes, and Friday is a sacred, and blessed day to be devoted for worshipping.

The environment in  the Fassi Markets

There are markets other markets that are open just for one day either in the middle or at the end of the week; for example, the Thursday market or the Saturday market. This latter is usually used by people from near villages and small towns near to Fez.

In the past, the market was a place not only  for shopping but also for meeting relatives, having a new connection with new people, it was like a social network between people from different places.

Now Fez market Morocco is a place where natives and tourists find themselves. They find it a good place; to get to know some of the features of Moroccan life, and also shop at convenient prices that are less than what they find on the grand façades or in the Malls.

Fez market Morocco is a better place to buy Artisanal stuff, Like Copper, Leather products like; jackets, hats, poufs, bags and more , Pottery products, tiles, rugs, carpets, accessories, natural and organic cosmetic products like; Black soap, Ghassoul, Henna,  Natural exclusive products, and  Kohl.

There also places for fresh vegetables;  fruits, meat, ingredients and all the needed stuff for cooking. There is also the camel meat;  that people every time love to try because it has a delicious taste.

It is common for sellers in the market to recognize tourists; since they have different languages and look. So it is better if they take someone from locals with them or a guide to avoid high prices and also to bargain for them.

On the other hand, the market is a source of income for most traders; sellers that offer everything you find in Moroccan shops; such as traditional clothes or other products, the market clothing also have a corner for used items with high quality sold at a very appropriate price.

Fez market Morocco;  is one of the preferable spots in Fez. You will find all that you want at convenient prices that match your budget.