[title_nd tag=”h1″ title=”Fez Tannery : an inspiritual tour towards the colorful pits in the core of Fez medina with Fez Guide”]

Fez tannery is a popular Fez Day Trip among Fez Medina Tour, Fez Tannery is the oldest and biggest leather tannery, it’s located in the old medina of Fez city, in addition to this it was built in the 11th century and it presents a wide selection of leather goods from purses to clothing and even much more.

These leather goods have been sold all over the country for years.

With Fez Guide and Fez Medina Tour, you can see the whole process of making leather goods, an amazing and inspirational discover you can ever come across it makes you take pleasure in the manual coloring process.

What’s even more fascinating is the methods used now, they are the same methods which was used hundreds of years before.

The stuff in the shops -which sell the leader goods made manually- is nice and very welcoming. They lead you upstairs towards the terrace overlooking the tannery pits, from where you may see the whole process. but before that they give you mint leaves to help mask the odor emanated from the pits. Besides this, the prices of goods such as purses, jackets, shoes… etc are reasonable as long as they are made manually of pure leather.

The process of leather

Making leather goods has a process which goes like this: first of all, the skins of goats, sheep, cow…ect

And we are placed in white vats which contain a mixture of water, pigeon dropping and limestone, this latter helps to remove the hair from the skins.

Then after three days the young craftsman there wash the skins and place them in the dying colorful pits.

the colors in pits change every day, and they are all derived from natural products; Orange from henna, yellow from saffron (which is a very expensive product in Morocco), blue from indigo and red from poppy flowers.

fez tannery day trip is going to show you something you’ve never seen before. It’s is a must visit.

Enjoy the best Day Trips with Fez Guide.