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Moroccan Kitchen is known around the world; for its variety multi-food and that’s because of the cultural exchange; and the influence of other nations; and customs through centuries. There is a mixture of Arabic kitchen, Andalusian, Mediterranean, and of course the Berber kitchen; traces of those kitchen techniques and ingredients are notices in some Moroccan dishes; the Moroccan kitchen is very rich in ingredients .form spices to herbs to vegetable; different tastes and flavors. In our COOKING CLASS; As part of our Morocco tours in fez guide programme; we are offering you a fantastic tour, in the local markets; to buy the suitable local ingredients for your chosen Moroccan dish.

Moroccan Kitchen is based on spices. a lot of local and foreign spices are used in seasoning and cooking ;such as kamoun (Cumin), kharqoum (Turmeric), skinjbir (Ginger), qarfa (Cinnamon), libzar (Pepper), tahmira (Paprika), zaafran beldi (saffron), qesbour (Coriander); as well as ras el hanout; this last, is a combination of 27 different spices;all mixed together ; In addition to that the olive oil as a Moroccan  final touch; however, Beef, lamb, goat, chicken, fish, and kinds of seafood, are the essential ingredients of most meals; either in ordinary days or in special  Moroccan occasions.

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At first, we have TAJINE; A clay conical lid cooking pot; it gives a unique flavor to food; and everybody loves it; the yummy flavor of vegetables and spices are delicious; it’s a traditional dish; therefore Moroccans eat their tajine with bread; the second dish is  Couscous; the special plate served on Fridays; contains 7 vegetables; beside meat or chicken;  they often garnish it with a sweet preserved raisin and serve it, in a big round dish; not to mention the Pastilla as well; they serve it occasionally in family gatherings ; also, Tanjia either with beef, lamb, or rabbits; they season it with spices;onions, then, let to cook in ashes for hours; al-Harira (The Moroccan soup) they use in it tomatoes, celery, Chickpeas, and they serve it with dates; especially during the month of Ramadan; the Bissara in cold months, and not to forget, the Salads; like Zaalouk, Bekoula  made from delicious and fresh plants.

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Moroccan desserts are also one of the fantastic sorts of Moroccan food; Cookies are various and different; the most famous sweet or delight is Ka’ab el ghazal (Gazelle’s Horns); and  Gheriba (Macaroon); Basboussa (Semolina); Briouatt; Cheebakia served especially in Ramadan; all these delicious sweeties contain Almond as the essential ingredient; same for the Fekkas, that crunchy cookie, they add to it a little bit of orange flower extract, and dry grapes, and finally; Sellou the unbaked delight, that contains sesame seeds, fried almonds, peanuts; cinnamon, and Roasted Flour; Moroccans serve all of these delights, sweets, and cookies during special occasions; like weddings, birth ceremonies, Ramadan, or just with mint tea in regular days.

Moroccan Kitchen has also another side of pastries; like pancakes, which are very popular ones , and preferable by Moroccans; among them ;the most delicious one is Beghrir; a Moroccan pancake with honey and butter; spongy and melts quickly in your mouth; another one is Melaoui; served in breakfast; Harcha also is a little bit harsh but yummy; as well as Betbout and Krachel and more; Moroccans serve  all of those in breakfast; with honey and butter and olive oil and tea mint and jam and green and black olives .