Morocco Family Tour includes bringing your entire family; for a very well organized tour in Morocco to enjoy its beauty and culture. This kind of tours is exclusive only for families, Our tour is always one of the best choices; because it makes you live a very great adventure with your family instead of being alone or with strangers.Morocco is one of the beautiful countries in Africa; since it is so unique, safe and it has a melting pot of cultures. It is a good place to bring your entire family for adventure to discover more about this unforgettable country;  that is located in North Africa. In Morocco Family Tour your family will be able to discover more about things that exist in Morocco including; its culture, heritage, religion, and tradition.During our outstanding tours;  you will figure out also how much people are so kind and hospitable with visitors and also foreigners;  this tour will allow you also to correct the stereotype you have about Arabs and Muslims in general.Fez guide owns many different  Tours that serves the clients needs and wants. There is Fes medina tour, Fez city tour, Fez guided tour with local artisanal handicraft, Fez photography, Fez cooking class, and Hammam Medina tour.

fez medina tour :

Fes medina tour included in Morocco family tour; you and your family will explore the legacy of Fez. In addition, you will go through the narrow beautiful streets of Fez, visiting the most outstanding monuments there like; Bab Boujloud its a very ancient gate. Al quaraouiyine ; an amazing mosque built in the middle ages by the Andalusian workers. Bounania & Attarine schools that reveal and show the Moorish and Jewish creativity and design; both have amazing fountains built with tiles. Seffarine square to witness and see the process of making copper and many other amazing activities.We will start our journey from Bab Boujloud; a very attractive gate in the entrance of the old Medina, then we will go all the way through the narrowest streets; in which you will see the ancient buildings; shops, artisanal shops and so on. Then we will visit Bounania one of the oldest schools in Fez was established by the Moorish. After that, we will go to visit Molay Driss, Najjarine the museum of the wood art, also Quaraouiyine, one of the biggest mosques in Africa and the oldest University. And finally, we go to visit Chouara Tannery; where you can see the completely manual process of leather dying with natural ingredients.

fez city tours :

Fez city tours; consist the new city of Fez including visiting gardens & Remparts; like  Jnan Sbil one of the oldest gardens in Fez, it has a very refreshing air, many varieties of plants and flowers and seven gates for entrance.  The Royal Palace; the palace of King Mohammed 6; it is closed most of the times but it has very giant doors in which people come to take pictures. And the Jewish quarter; a quarter in which the Jewish from Spain used to live, it shows the glory of the Jewish creativity. In the end, you will have a panoramic view to see a panoramic view of Fez.

Fez guided tour with local artisanal handicraft

Fez guided tour with the local artisanal handicraft; is also for Morocco family tour since it is so comfortable and saves. In this tour; the clients will go to the most places of the artisanal shop to see how things can be made, and also it will be easier for them to buy things at very convenient prices. the products from artisanal shops are with high quality and made with good design. there many artisanal shops like; weaving shops, leather shops, coper shop, pottery shops, silver shops, rugs shops, tiles shops, slipper shops, Jellabas and caftans shops, and many others.

Fez photography

Shooting photography tour; will highlight the most important and amazing landmarks in Fez city. Our professional photographer will be with throughout all the entire tour. The client will have a great chance to have and save professional photos for the most interesting sites in Fez Medina.

Fez cooking class

The most favorited tour that includes cooking from A to Z. It includes doing shopping to buy the necessary vegetable, meat to cook a delicious Moroccan dish like; Couscous, Zaalouk, Tagine, and salad, bakes bread. in the end, the client will enjoy the meal he prepared with our professional chef.Moreover, it is a wonderful tour that includes many activities; going out , cooking, learning how to make a dish.

Hammam Medina tour

Hammam is one the essential activities the Moroccans do . They go to local Hammam once or twice a week; because it is like Sona and it is much better than the bathroom. Hammam makes the user get rid of dead cells. If you choose this tour; you and our companion will go shopping to buy the needed stuffs for Moroccan Hammam from the Market. in the local market, you will buy products like;  Rassol,   oil,  and Saboun El Beldi. Hammam Medina Fez tour helps you exploring the most incredible side of the Moroccan hammam. Honestly, Morocco family tour is your gate to get into a very big adventure in which you will know many of historical places in Morocco including; buildings, shops, souks, gardens, hotels, restaurants, hammams, and many other places. Morocco family tour will give them access to know more about the legacy left in Morocco by the Andalus, they brought with them their entire legacy to Morocco as well as discovering the mixture of arts between Berbers, Arabs, and many other races.Well, Morocco family tours are your best choice in case you visit Morocco and you want to be a part of its culture. Also, Tour saves you time and money, it takes directly to the outstanding places. In case you are reading this and interested in Moroccan family tours, it will be our honor to organize and manage it for you. the team of Fezguide. to sum up, we have multiple choices that you can choose while being in Morocco. if you and your family are interested; apply in our tours and get your adventurous and amazing tour with our professional guide

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