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Fez guide introduces you to a selection of tours in different cities of Morocco. Every city had it charming places that would blow your mind with its beauty and mystery. But the thing that does not change is the most famous dishes in this wonderful country Morocco.

This time Fez guide introduces a list containing Top 10 foods must try in Morocco. Which means if you ever visited Morocco you need to try these delicious dishes.

Moroccan Harira

The first dish on our top 10 foods must taste in Morocco list is The Harira. This soup which is a tomato-based soup with lentils or chickpeas plus either Rice or broken noodles (Chaariya) is very well known in Morocco. And it depends on your budget because you can also several pieces of beef or lamb.


The second meal you need to try while you are in Morocco is Bastilla usually made of chicken. This dish is very famous because it mixes salt and sweet flavors to result in a delicious combination. Traditionally pigeons were the birds of choice, but you can also choose chicken or seafood. Cooked with Moroccan traditional spices such as saffron, ginger, pepper, and cinnamon. As well as many other ingredients, this dish is one of the most complicated ones in the Moroccan cuisine.


The third meal on our Top 10 foods must try in Morocco 10 foods must taste in Morocco list is Tagine. This famous slow-cooked Moroccan stew that includes several kinds of vegetables as well as meat or chicken, not to forget the amazing combination of traditional spices, in the end, the Tagine is decorated with olives, you can eat it with traditional bread.

Beef Dish With Prunes

Number four on our list of top 10 foods must taste in Morocco is Lamb or Beef with Prunes. The meat is cooked until buttery tender with saffron, ginger, and onions, then topped with prunes and Crunchy almonds serve as a topping. This dish is one of the oldest and most prepared dishes in Morocco, especially in special events.


Number five on our list is Rfissa This is a very simple dish yet very tasty. Made of cooked chicken and lentils fragrantly seasoned with fenugreek, saffron and  [simple_tooltip content=’a spice mix from North Africa. It plays a similar role in North African cuisine as garam masala does in Indian cuisine’] Ras El Hanout [/simple_tooltip]. This meal is prepared usually for special guests or new mothers.

Tagine With Kefta

Our number six of the top 10 foods must taste in Morocco is Kefta Meatball Tagine. This spicy flavored plat is 100% Moroccans, made using beef or lamb (Kefta) with a variety of traditional spices. it contains also eggs as final optional touch as well as tomato sauce. You can eat it with the Moroccan traditional bread.

number seven on the list of top 10 foods must taste in Morocco is Mechoui which is Moroccan roasted lamb, that is so delicious and really tasty, this dish is well known to be served to special and important guests.

Number eight on the list is Sardines and several kinds of seafood. You can try them in a simple cooked way or with a combination of spices and lemon that called Charmoula ready to be fried, this way is the most common way Moroccans eat their seafood.

Number nine of our top 10 foods must taste in Morocco list is Couscous, that is prepared every Friday in many Moroccan homes. This dish contains seven vegetables as well as beef or chicken, and the Couscous differ from every region around Morocco.

The last dish on our top 10 food must taste Morocco Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives. This classic dish is also one of Morocco’s most famous and ancient. This special dish is most of the times prepared for weddings special events because it is easy and delicious. Fes guide introduce you a list that will definitely help you through your visit in Morocco, this list contains top 10 foods must taste in Morocco, we listed the most delicious dishes you need to taste and maybe even try to make in your house for you or for your guests.

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