Fez Guide is an amusing touristic team located in Fez city, professional arrangement is the main focus of our team. Fes Morocco Tours save the desires and needs of tourists, their needs, budget and time frame. One of the charming Moroccan Tours is a Day trip from Fez to Volubilis, meknes.

Meknes, Mly Idriss, Volubilis is a well known excursion in Morocco Tours that you will visit throughout FEZ TO VOLUBILS ONE DAY TRIP.

Fez Guide: Get to know Meknes city
To start with Meknes, a city that was founded by sultan Moulay Ismail as a military strong hold at that time. The name of the city originates from the Berber tribe Meknassa. This city contains many Historical Monuments That Fez Guide grants you to see such as Bab elmansour –a huge decorates ornament gate- , Qara Prison – an underground old prison- , Sahrij Swani and elHadim
square where you can have some wonderful delicious Moroccan food as well as buy souvenirs that are made by native craftsmen.

Fez guide : Meknes to Moulay Idriss Zarhoun & the history of Volubilis
After that Fes Morocco Tours will drive you to Moulay Idriss Zarhoun so as to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the high mountains.
At the end of our Journey, we’ll have an opportunity to come across Volubilis; a historical city an ancient Berber-Roman place to some extent that is situated 18 miles north of Meknes city. It was founded in the 3 rd century BC and expanded rapidly to cover about 42 hectares with a 2.6 km circuit of walls.
At that time Volubilis became an important out spot of the Roman Empire that was graced with many buildings as well as it was located in a fertile agricultural area. In the 18 th century volubilis hit by a very powerful earthquake and in
the 19 th century it was identified as an ancient multicultural roman city. Now it is a heritage site that is preserved by UNESCO.