Amazing things people should know about fez morocco,wonderful places and spots  are rich of history and good art work , which make the city worth to be visited, it is a melting pot of different languages, races, religions, and cultures  . its a place in which the Jewish Legacy meets the Islamic and the Moorish culture to give unique and exclusive buildings and architectures.

Where is Fez Morocco?

Before moving to the history of Fez Morocco, we would love to introduce the location of this amazing city first. The city of Fez is located in the north-east of the Kingdom of Morocco; it is called in the city of kings, the second largest city of Morocco, was founded in 182 by Idris II, and it was the capital city of the state Idrisi in Morocco. the city of Fez is divided into three sections: Fez Bali which is the old city, and the new Fez  And the new city that contains the new buildings and architecture, this latter was built during the French colonization. Fez has gained an important strategic location. that attract people from all over the world.

A brief history of Fez Morocco:

Have you ever heard about the history of  Fez Morocco?  Are you curious to know more about the history of Fez Morocco?  Fez, Morocco refers also as Fes; The spiritual capital city of Morocco. it means also a felt headdress in the shape of a red hat, attached to the top with a tassel. world.y of Fez was one of the pillars of the struggle between the Umayyads in Andalusia and the Fatimids who ruled (Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia). The city remained under the control of the Umayyads in Andalusia for more than thirty years; during that period it gained great prosperity.

When the Umayyad caliphate fell in Cordoba;  the city of Fez came under the control of the princes of Zanata. The local rulers of Morocco at that time. Then The Almoravids took control of the city. After,  the Almohads who besieged the city for nine months and entered it in 1143. The Marinites took control of the city after the fall of the Almohad state, and took it as their center instead of Marrakesh and established a new royal, an administrative city known as the White City or Casablanca. This amazing history of Fez Morocco makes Fez as one of the most powerful cities in terms of history.

In the era of the Marinians , the city of Fez raised and known for its golden age, where Abu Yusuf Yacoub Mansur built the new Fez in 1276  fortified by a wall and distinguished by a large mosque, palaces, and gardens.

When you read and discover more about the history of Fez Morocco, you feel like it’s an amazing city that owns many legacies from one destination to another, and this latter makes it rich in terms of many sides.

The history of Fez Morocco does really influence people from all over the world to write about it. Fez is one of the most famous cities in Africa, because of its amazing location and sights. it is also considered as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Presence of the Andalusian in the History of Fez :

Muslims settled in Andalusia for almost eight centuries;  since the opening of Tariq ibn Ziyad in 92 AH. they established a civilization that was powerful and unique. They flourished in the field of science; culture, and thought. At that time a person can be a philosopher, scientist and doctor all in one . Until Andalusia became the first civilized gateway to Europe in the Middle Ages. It was open to other civilizations. However, the Muslims did not maintain all these blessings and luxury so long. They find themselves surrounded by Christians from all sides, and then inflicted them in several defeats. So most of them were expelled from Andalusia after the Christian Inquisition was held. among them were both Muslims and Jewish. The last kingdom in Andalusia was the Kingdom of Granada, which fell into the hands of the Spanish monarch Fernando III and Isabella in 897 AH.

All these factors contributed to the acceleration of the fall of Andalusia entirely by the Christians, and also to the displacement of Andalusians and Jewish. This deplorable reality led most Andalusians and Jewish to forcibly migrate to Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco in particular.

Andalusian and Jewish who settle in Morocco; bring with them their entire legacy in all fields; they share and contribute with it. Most of them decide to stay in Fez and use it as a homeland; which gives this city a mixed and rich culture. This can be clearly explained in places like; the Jewish Quarter, The mosques like Al Quaraouine and the Andalusian. Medersas and schools like Bounania, and Attarine that are located in the old Medina.

Briefly, The Andalusian and the Jewish do really influence the culture of Fez in a very positive way.

Fez in the current Area :

in the current Fez is one of the most amazing places in Africa; thanks to its history it has become one of the most loved cities in Morocco. Nowadays Fez is divided in two section the old one that was built during the ruling dynasties. And the second section; a new part appeared in the days of the French colonialism; it looks like France.  The old Fez is a  tourist sector includes several tourist attractions such as the corner of Moulay Idriss, the Jewish quarter, the Giant and ancient doors such as Bab Mahroq, Bab Rcif, Bab Zayat, and Alal Bin Abdullah Street, and palaces such as the royal palace and  Jamai Palace. Also, it owns many historic schools such as the Misbahieh School, Safarinne it is a school for people who study Sharia. Bounania and Attarine Medersas; they were schools in the past but now they are touristic sights.

the Museum of Arts and Crafts; a beautiful place to see. In the past, it was mainly for trading and traders . it contains a room for people who come for trading but live far away. near to this place, there is a wonderful fountain in the Nejarine square; it is a wonderful spot to see and enjoy.

The Mosques in Fez are so many; where you go you find a beautiful ancient mosque. They still maintain the ancient and Andalusian beauty . among these mosques there are Al Quaraouine a very old mosque that goes back to the middle ages and the Andalusian mosque that represents the Moorish architecture from that time.

All in all, the history of Fez is really rich and amazing. Fez is really the queen of the Middle Ages. It represents all the beauty, the battles, and witnesses the existence of the old dynasties.

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