Fes is the spiritual, ancient and greatest among Moroccan cities. Fes monuments are the best thing which known in the city, as Mosques, Medersas, Tanneries, and many incredible places, here are 10 Things to do in Fes.

Things to do in Fes

First of all, Fes the old Medina is the oldest, inveterate and the extraordinary city in Morocco.

Fes Medina is also the largest one in the world, where you can find many different Souks (markets) buying Moroccan shoes, clothes, delicious street food, and pottery.  Fez famous by Al-Qarawiyyin the oldest university in the world.

Second, AL-Quarawiyyin Mosque & University  Established 12 centuries ago by a pioneering woman “Fatima El Fihriya”, Morocco’s University of the al-Qarawiyyin library is home to unique Islamic manuscripts precious by historians.
Third, Fes tanneries collected from numerous stone vessels filled with a vast range of colors and many liquids spread out like a plate of watercolors. the tanneries process the skin of cows, sheep, goats, and camels, producing them into great quality leather products, like, coats, Moroccan leather shoes, Moroccan leather bag, and slippers.

This is all completed by hand, without the need of the modern machines, since medieval times, which makes these tanneries absolutely absorbing and deserved to be visited.
Fourth, The old Medersas, let’s start with Attarine Medersa. It established by Abu Said in 1325 in the core of the old medina, the Attarine was designed like a wing to the nearby Qarawiyyin. The central yard displays the traditional shapes of Merenid artisanship, with glorious Zellij (tilework), cedarwood, carved plaster and Onyx columns. Somewhat lighter than the MedersaBouInania, it has been caringly restored. Then we have BouInania Medersa, It was established in AD 1351–56 by Abu Inan Faris. It is extensively approved as a brilliant example of Marinid architecture. This madrasa is one of some religious places in Morocco that is accessible for non-Muslim visitors.
Fifth, we have Mellah (Jewish quarter); it was space where Jewish had settled in Fez.  It was seen as an honor and a defense against the Arabs’ attacks in the county.

Sixth, Mount Zalagh, it is located in the northeast, from the high slopes directly to the east, from the first hills of the Middle Atlas to the south, and from Moulay Idriss Zerhoune away from the west near Meknes.
Seventh, Merenid Tombs Situated on a mount just above the dashing, there is very little that is really known about these graves. Eighth, Borj Nord Arms Museum, is where you can find weapons from virtually every age and corner of the country. The castle was once a northern tower that formed part of the walled ramparts that surrounded Fes city many years ago.
Ninth, Boujloud Garden (JnanSbil), is a huge garden with historical heritage with seven huge doors of iron, are personified in its glory design encompass fountains, basins, and tables. As well as, squares and rectangles of grassland, flowers and many kinds of solid trees, it is estimated those interested in number about 1000 species, which are exceptional.
Tenth, Traditional Hamam, is an amazing and enjoyable experience and a good way to connect with Moroccans. So Moroccan visitors shouldn’t miss out on a cleansing and cultural experience. Hammamprotocol is not a must, but it is a traditional way of Moroccan bathing.