Our fez cooking class is an occasion to recognize the traditions of the authentic Moroccan cuisine, which is well-known on the international level. With us, you are going to explore the famous culture of Moroccan plates and having an opportunity to cook with our skillful chef and her hospital family. So, be prepared for a busy day full of various and delectable dishes. Furthermore, our fez cooking class allows you to go for shopping in the traditional souk of fresh ingredients and spices, and buy the items you need for your cooking class.

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  • You will have a meeting with our competent chef of fez cooking class Oulaya, and her family with a strong welcome; after your arrival, enjoy your glass of Moroccan mint tea with pastry.
  • Talk with the chef about Moroccan cuisine and the famous local plates.
  • Explore the local souk with our chef, and choose the items needed in your cooking class.
  • Right back to the traditional house in the ancient city, prepare yourself and organize your cooking space.
  • Learn the method of preparing a Moroccan home-salade and try to make it. After, enjoy tasting the exquisite salade you made.
  • Last, take pictures and discuss with the chef and her hospital family.

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