Atlas Mountain is located in Morocco and is one of the most attractive places. Atlas mountains of Morocco its lies north of High Atlas; it contains the three major cities which are Immozar, Azrou, and Ifran.

In Fez Guide Company we organize Trips and excursions for our customer that interested in adventures and mountains. they will be mainly in the three cities that we have mentioned. Morocco Atlas Mountains will be the rights choose because it’s unique and wonderful.

The first step will take place in the amazing city of Immouzar du Kandar a small town which is located midway between Fez and Ifran, is also a part of Atlas Mountains. It is a very stunning city because it has so many views and natural places that will love to visit. Immouzar is based on the tribes of Berbers which is something that you may not find somewhere else.

The second step will be in Ifran, it is a word which derived from the Berber language that means caves. There are so many wonderful places which you can visit, such as Al Akhawayn University, Ain Vittel, the European and the architectural style of houses, and many other fascinating places. Ifran is one of the most visited places by tourists in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

The last step will be in the wonderful city of Azrou; a small Atlas mountain town located in the nearest south of Fez. It is famous for its forests that are the shelter of macaque monkeys and butterfly. Azrou is a great place for people to enjoy the fascinating beauty of Morocco and also to breathe a clean air.

Fez Guide offers its customers Trips that are unforgettable and full of amusement and entertainment. In case you want to be included join us and see with your own eyes.