Have you ever visit Fez Morocco?

A visit to Fez Morocco is a must due to the fact; it is one of the amazing ancient cities in Africa. Fez has many archaeological landmarks that show its civilization through the Islamic and Jewish ages. The important remains of these monuments are the eight gates; that was built in the form of the soils. Attarine School,  Bouanania School, The North Tower, Nejjarine Carpenter, and Chouara Tannery.

Places to see while visiting Fez Morocco :

The Gates and the Walles of Fez Morocco:

One of the outstanding places that a person would love to see while visit Fez Morocco is The walls and the gates of Fez that surround the Fez Valley go back to the period between 1199 and 1213 AD under the rule of Al-Nasser Al-Muhadi. The doors that pass through these walls bear many names, most of which belong to the period of Al-Idrisa and Zenateen. These doors include Bab Al-Fotouh, the Church Gate, Bab Al-Jadid and Bab Al-Hamra, Bab Guissa, Bab Jbala, Bab al-Qaisa, Bab Sidi Boujida, Bab al-Khoukha, Bab Zayat. These doors are amazing with their magnificent arches, inscriptions, and engravings above it. In the era of the Marinites. Some of them have been renewed, but without changing unique their character.

Attarine School :

Al-Attarin School;  is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Morocco. It is located north of Al-Qarawyin Mosque. it is famous for its outstanding architectural decoration. built during the reign of the Marinite Sultan Abu Sa’id. The school consists of an open area with a water basin, and a prayer hall. Most of the people who visit Fez Morocco; find attained an attracted place for exploring Islamic architecture.

The North Tower:

The northern tower that is located in the north of old medina; it is a beautiful place that people never expect it does exist in Fez. it was built in 1582 by the Saadian, As well as is similar in design to the 16th-century Portuguese castles and contains an arms museum.

The Mosques :

the who will visit Fez Morocco should know that; Fez has own many beautiful and ancient mosques;  one of them is al Quaraouine.; that was built by Fatima El Fihria’s legacy. reconstructed in 857;  to fit all comers. Then demolished by Ali bin Yusuf Al-Marabiti to make it look bigger and wider. Decorated by Andalusian which gives it a unique design and touch. This mosque furnished with a luxurious chandelier and a room for wudoo ‘. One of the most beautiful remains is the Andalusian Mosque. It is an artistic trace of the beauty of niches and mosaics.

All in all, a person should visit Fez Morocco at least once in his lifetime because it is a very charming city. it fascinates people from all over the world with its uniqueness and beauty. It is an ancient city that witnesses many battles, empires, dynasties, and religion . all that we have mentioned makes it one of the richest city in terms of monuments, landmarks, and legacy.

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